・5th Norvember 2017:Science fight & JST Junior Doctor

・4th Norvember 2017:BIT's Annual World Congress of Ocean-2017

・31th Octorber 2017:School excursion training

・18,19th Octorber 2017:The 6th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology(ICBEB2017),Guangzhou,China

・25th September 2017:Japanese Robots and The Future

・13 to 15th September 2017:SUBSEA TECH JAPAN2017

・19th August 2017:Visiting campus in Fukuoka

・4th August 2017:Dalian University of Technology

・15th July 2017:Visiting campus day

・We gave a keynote lecture entitled "Research on Advanced Robotics for Marine" and a workshop entitled "How to Build your Advanced Marine Robotics"

・24th May 2017 ::A talk entitled "Research and Development of Advanced Robotics.", for Porto Universidad Porto and Nueva de Lisbon University officials

・11,12th May 2017 : Robotics · Mechatronics lecture meeting 2017 in Fukushima

・28th April 2017 : A joint Symposia of Nagasaki University, heriot-watt University and SDI

・20th December 2016 : Marine robot research information disclosure meeting

・15-17th December 2016 : SI2016 SAPPORO

・13th December 2016 : Hybrid medical professional training course・Future engineering center Life innovation field seminar

・10th December 2016 : 27th Ocean Education Forum

・4th December 2016 :Saisense Techno Lodge Festival

・3rd November 2016 : Science Fight in Nagasaki

・29th October 2016 :IMETI (Taiwan)

・28th to 30th September 2016:Marine Industry and Local Creation

・21rd August 2016:The traveled open campus of Nagasaki University in Fukuoka

・10th July 2016 - 17th July 2016:The Nagasaki Marine Ambassador

・2nd June 2016:Heriot-Watt University UK and Marine Energy Research

・13th May 2016:The 1st Nagasaki University Marine future innovation mechanism Symposium: A joint Symposium of Nagasaki University and Edinburgh

・17th,18th March 2016:The 21th Robotics Symposium

・1st March 2016:A joint workshop of Nagasaki University and Heriot-Watt University UK

・6th December 2015:Sciences Technology Festival in Taragicyo, Kumagun, Kumamoto

・3rd November 2015:Science Fight in Sasebo Tamaya

・1st November 2015:Interantional Multi-Conference of Engineering and Technology Innovation 2015 in Taiwan

・23rd October 2015:Robot control programming lecture in Nagasaki Minami High School Super Science High School

・3rd October 2015:Diving experiment under the windmill floating on the sea in Goto, Nagasaki

・7th September 2015:High level robotics technician early training course 2015

・23rd August 2015:The traveled open campus of Nagasaki University in Sasebo

・20th August 2015:The 4th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

・4rd July 2015:Lecture of Future Scientist Training Course - Robotics Master Course

・25th July 2015:Experiment of marine robot in the offshore of Goto Kabashima

・28th July 2015:Visit of Nagasaki Press Tour sponsored by Foreign Press Center

・27th March 2015: Workshop of Nagasaki University・University of Edinburgh about ocean energy

・4th Feb 2015: Visit of Tokyo Metropolitan High School students about research of robotics in Nagasaki University

・2nd Feb 2015: FBS Mentaiwaido TV program MOTTO!「進化する最先端ロボット(Evolving Robots With The Most Forefront Technology)」

・25th Jan 2015: Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium「めでたい!水族館で魚ロボットを泳がせたい!(A Joyful Event!Let The Fish Robots Swim in The Aquarium!)」

・21st Jan 2015: Live broadcast of KTN TV program Nagasaki

・6th Sep 2014: High level robotics technician early training course

・17th Aug 2014: Traveled open campus of Nagasaki University in Fukuoka(Jonan High School)

・25th Aug 2014:「サイエンス塾(Sciences School)」Visit of elementary school students

・31st May 2014: NCC TV program titled 「学園広場(Campus Square)」

・25th March 2014: Live broadcast of NHK general TV program