In the 5 research fields, aerospace field aims to develop a remote control flying robot system for environment observation and its network construction.

Japan is known as a country which natural disasters occur frequently. When disasters likes earthquake, typhoon, flooding, etc. occur, it is important to grasp the disaster situation quickly from the sky, and from there we can make a disaster prevention map to minimize the damage and casualty. It also has become necessary to monitor the deterioration of social infrastructure, such as bridges and buildings by utilizing the flying robot.

In this way, unmanned helicopter can work in the extreme environment and the places that human hardly can get access to. From above, we should make efforts on unmanned aerial vehicle.

Research content

In our lab, we are making disk type flying robot. This kind of robot can rise to the height of about 200m, and by firming via the equipped camera, we can receive the data in real time.

As for the future goal, we are aim to build a system that when disaster occurs, the robot can create a hazard map based on its data collected and simultaneously the information can be updated to the smartphone and tablet PC in real time. Although the realization takes time, we will work hard for it!!II(ށ)/