Hello! I am a graduate student belonging to Yamamoto Laboratory Naoya Iseki (24)!
Among the research fields including UAVSpaceOceanMedical in Yamamoto Lab, I'm now researching on the underwater robot.

Graduate students spend most of their time on lecture and research day by day. It was the one day in the graph.

Class of graduate school is very meaningful because there are many contents to use to advance to society.
In the study, I'll one by one resolved by trial and error the problems that occurred in front of the eye in order to achieve a big goal.

Not I have much to study in graduate school, you can also make your own time.
Taking advantage of this environment, let's challenge that you can not only in college!

 We will open the early training course of high-level robot technology in Fukuoka City on Saturday July and August, and teaches the basics of programming and the electronic circuit.
 This is a good stimulus to be able to learn responsibility as a lecturer and to touch the speed of learning of students and the height of awareness with respect to the robot.

I am doing research to develop a laser sensor that can be used underwater. It is an indispensable sensor for making fish robots autonomous, so it is very rewarding.
There are many problems such as waterproofing, but I think that they want to be autonomous by attaching to the fish robot of this laboratory and to make ecological survey of fish only by robot.

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