In the ocean, small robot has been used for undersea survey, and we mainly focus on the research and development of fish type robot. It is possible to realize the real movement of fish by using the resilient vibration blade and the movement of fin. So far, we have developed several fish type robots such as sea bream type, coelacanth type and shark ray type.

The figure on the right shows the appearance and the internal structure of the shark ray type fish robot. This robot is able to perform complex movement like crawling the seabed by using the resilient vibration blade on its pectoral fin and caudal fin.

Besides the fish type robots, the mechanism of resilient vibration blade are also applied in the field of space and medical. Thus, further development is expected.

In this laboratory, we also carry out the development of ROV(Remotely operated vehicle) as shown in the right figure. This robot is active in the undersea exploration.