Main in charge

Bachelor program

3rd year:(2nd semester)Robotics
Contents of lecture "Evolving Fish Robot" at 18th November 2013 can be found at here. Please check it.
(2nd semester)Vibration DynamicsU
Textbook:実例で学ぶ機械力学・振動学、コロナ社、ISBN 978-4-339-04638-0
Assignment of fundamentals and application of vibration dynamics will be given.

4th year:(1st semester)Production management(intensive course)
For those who aspires to become factory manager and production physical distribution administrator.Assignment of the formation of industry of ocean energy will be given.

Master program

1st year:(1st semester)Systems engineering advanced course

↑This is the "story of Urashima", the ultimate case of systems engineering.Please check it.

2nd year:(2nd semester)Human dynamics advanced course

PhD program

1st〜3rd year:(1st semester)Robotics advanced course

※This is the subject of medical-engineering cooperation, thus PhD students of medical-engineering hybrid professional development course can attend this lecture.

Partial in charge

Bachelor program

1st year:(1st semester)Primer of mechanics(Director of year 2013)

3rd year:(1st semester)Mechanical Engineering Experiment
(2nd semester)Technical english V(Director of year 2015)
Lecture will be given in English only.Please do preparation of Lagrange equation of motion of mechanical dynamics and 6 degrees of freedom motion equation of 3 dimensional space moving body.

Master program

1st year:(1st semester)Practical English A
Mastery of reading skills of scientific and technical papers.
(1st semester)General seminar A
(2nd semester)Practical English B
Mastery of writing skills of scientific and technical papers.
(2nd semester)General seminar B

2nd year:(1st semester)Practical English C
Mastery of listening skills of international conferences.
(2nd semester)Practical English D
Mastery of speaking skills of international conferences.


University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan

Primer of medical engineering

University of kitakyushu

Primer of environmental measurement