Recently, space exploration has been actively carried out. In the international Space Station, missions of development and operation of robot also are being launched. The astronauts are occupied with various missions. Therefore, the Yamamoto Laboratory is carrying out the development of space robot that can help astronauts works much more efficiently.

The figure above shows a space robot that is developed to clean the International Space Station. In fact, the International Space Station is an enclosed space with drifting dust and the astronuts have to clean those dust. Thus, in order to reduce the burden of astronauts, we produced this cleaning robot. Also, it contains sensor that can measure the distance of itself with obstacles to avoid collision. This robot has received a high evaluation from Astronaut Furukawa.

In addition, from Yamamoto Laboratory, we have developed the robot that actually been sent to the space. The figure on the right shows NASA's certificate when Astronaut Wakata brought it to the space.

Other than that, we will continue to develop various robots that aid in space exploration.